Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mid term for Joe's class

This is my midterm project for the awesome Joe Olsen's Drawing for Animation Class. I'm actually currently in his class listening to a critique, I'm pretty sad, definitely going to miss his humor and the great insight into design he's given me throughout this semester. I'm not entirely done with this piece, I'm going to clarify the pose a bit so it reads better but here's what I've got so far. Any feedback would be much appreciated!
The assignment began as a vinyl toy design to the theme of "Monster in my closet". Then for the midterm we were supposed to redesign the toy into a board game piece.


  1. I think your work is wonderful! Although the wee monster is more adorable than scary.

    Tell us a little more about the two different monsters and the creative process you used to get there. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Anne
    I see you've fallen for "Wee Adorabalus Raptaurus". He survives on presumption as a lost kitten's meow. You are fortunate you can't hear him purring. But take heed of the Darwinian rake of his beak and his over zealous incisors. And don't even think of taking him home! Remember presumption is the faith of the lion tamer.
    The creative process? I guess it's like a favorite food? You draw some creatures, as many as you can, draw them again, gather what you like and dislike, mix them together in a big metal bowl and see how it tastes before you bake. Sometimes it's sweet and sometimes it flops, no matter how you cook it.